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What We Do

What we offer

At NextGen Super, we offer a range of services to ensure your SMSF is correctly and efficiently accounted for each year, including:

  • Preparation of the financial statements,
  • Arranging the fund audit,
  • Preparation and lodgement of the income tax return; and
  • Preparation of necessary compliance documentation

Additionally, NextGen Super prepare a quarterly SMSF Insight Report, which includes:

  • Draft financial statements
  • Contribution and Pension payment summaries
  • Investment strategy analysis
  • Quarter on Quarter performance analysis

The easy to read report helps you to monitor your contributions and pension payments, whilst also tracking the performance of your fund.


NextGen Portal

As a client of NextGen Super, you will have unique access to the NextGen Portal. This is a secure part of the website, personalised to your fund, where you can:

  • Upload and download SMSF documents,
  • Raise or answer fund queries,
  • Gain an insight into the performance of your fund; and
  • Access our comprehensive knowledge centre